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SCAD Gulfstream

Working with a partner, we developed a research question and synthesized a solution by surveying SCAD students: How can we more efficiently and effectively maximize space at SCAD’s Gulfstream building?

"Spontaneous meetings anywhere and everywhere. Workspaces that move and shift as teams need them to. Comfy couches for quiet concentration and thousands of linear feet of whiteboards. Spaces built for collaboration, our designers learn, practice and teach new ways of thinking about design."

- IBM Design


Student and Faculty at SCAD who occupy the Gulfstream Bulding do not have enough space for working, storing and presenting their work. 

How can we more effeciently and effectively maximize space at the Savannah College of Art and Design at the Gulfstream Building?



Opportunities arise with the use of the space. Everything from walking, storing, presenting and collaborating. Opportunities to look at are the layout, parking lot and communal space. 


First step was a prob to collect

some quantitative data


Analyze the data and come up with insights


Our next step was to start designing new potential layouts. During this step, we kept in mind all our our research and insights that were previously found. 


We did then did some interior concept drawings. This step really gave us a holistic idea about what Gulfstream would look like.


We finalized our floor plan for our first and second floor. We created blueprints and Rhino and Keyshot models.

Thank You!

Oscar Elmendorf

Clarissa ter Maat

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