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Clarissa is a User Experience Managing Consultant at Guidehouse in Washington, D.C. on the Digital team at Guidehouse working with government and commercial clients. As a designer, she is involved in every step of the Design Thinking process and the product and service life cycle.

Prior to joining Guidehouse, Clarissa was a Senior Service Designer on the Innovation team at Hilton Hotels & Resorts. In that role, she conducted user research with hotel guests, housekeepers, and managers to identify housekeeping pain points in addition to leading the prototyping and testing of in-room signage for an on-property cleaning service test that ran in 700+ hotels. Prior to joining Hilton, Clarissa worked for Marriott Hotels as a Senior Service Designer on the Innovation team converting qualitative data into experiences, programming, and website content for the successful pilot of Marriott Homes & Villas and conducted user research in Central America and hosted focus groups and Design Thinking workshops with users, brand leads, and real estate contractors for the programmatic designs of all-inclusive brand extensions for 10+ brands.

Clarissa graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Service Design and a minor in Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, Georgia (USA). She currently holds certifications in SAFe®️ 5, Accessibility for Designers, Scrum Master, Data Analytics, and IDEO Design Thinking. She also has published whitepapers on optimizing mobile UX and adapting design to mobile UX and a case study on using Human-Centered Design to improve efficiency.

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