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Brand Building & Customer Experience
Co-founder & Lead Service Designer, dabah 

dabah is a recipe gathering and organizing platform that provides a space for all generations to upload, share, explore, and be inspired around the same passion, food.



Streamline the Shine 
Customer Experience and Category Innovation 
Senior Service Designer, Hilton Hotels

Identifying cleanliness as a point of leverage in the guest journey within the Focused and Suite category, Hilton's CE&I team wanted to not only match guest expectations, but re-shape housekeeping as we know it. Learning that Guests require a core set of housekeeping needs during their stays yet don't expect a full clean every stay-over night, we launched the "Streamline the Shine" (StS) program. StS enables housekeepers to save time in stay-over rooms by performing a core set of services in order to repurpose saved time to other parts of the hotel. StS ran in about 700 hotels through two on-property tests.

As the experience design lead, I conducted user research and managed qualitative feedback for both tests, partnered with firms to design hotel-level and above property-level collateral, and grounded each test in insights and learnings. Keeping the larger "big mama" vision of the program in mind, I managed and conducted preliminary research for

upcoming launches. 


Homes & Villas by Marriott International  
Customer Experience and Business Innovation 
Senior Program Specialist, CX Innovation, Marriott International

As one of the world’s largest and most trusted brands, Marriott has entered in the home sharing industry! My team had the opportunity to imagine, lead, design, and implement this adventure in 2018. Starting as a pilot with 200 London homes through the launch of Tribute Portfolio Homes, this initiative expanded to what is now Marriott’s first home sharing platform Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

I had the pleasure of designing the end-to-end guest experience of the pilot. This gave me the opportunity to conduct guest research, create product and service experiences, and work with our operational partners in order to ensure seamless delivery on every high-quality experience.


As of early 2021, Homes & Villas by Marriott International grew its inventory 160 percent in 2020, and it currently lists more than 20,000 homes in 240 destinations throughout North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


All-Inclusive Platform 
Customer Experience and Brand Innovation
Senior Program Specialist, CX Innovation, Marriott International

Guests have spoken - they would like premium and luxury worry-free vacations. Marriott International has responded by launching an all-inclusive platform. By leveraging its renowned brands, in 2019 there were 5 brands with new

all-inclusive resorts in the pipeline in the Caribbean and Latin America.

As one of the two service designers on the core team, I had the incredible opportunity to work on this entire initiative - from strategy and positioning to research and conceptualizing guest experiences to working with international development teams to create an implementable roadshow. Working hand-in-hand with our brand leaders and partners, we were able to not only create un-paralleled experiences but also ensure that each distinct brand voice was shining through in every detail at a new and larger scale.

As of early 2021, Marriott is adding 19 all-inclusive resorts to its portfolio

Pocket City Farms
Brand Building
Service Design Student, SCAD

What if a small-town company in Camperdown, Australia had the opportunity for a technology service iteration? Pocket City Farm is currently enhancing Sydney's neglected spaces in effort to make good of that unused space by growing fresh organic produce for the city’s residents by leveraging the Internet of Things technology.

Product Development
Service Design Student, SCAD

Aida is a wearable assistant for the blind and visually impaired. Designing for what matters most, this friendly device describes and guides its users, recognizes faces, objects, and obstacles, records, and takes photos! Supporting the wearable device is an informational and storage computing app. 

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