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Marriott International

I was a product and service designer for the innovation team at Marriott International. While here I was able to work with over X amount of enterprise wide teams and worked on X/30 brands. 


Because about all of the projects I worked on were internal and won't be out in market for a couple of years...I will go ahead and talk about my time and experience at the company!   

Did you know...

That began as a root beer float stand...

The number of times I've...

Cups of tea I've drank

Hours I've slept 

Times I've laughed

Late night working sessions


Brainstorming & co-creations 


Customer interviews

Team bonding activities


Times I've traveled for work 


Conferences attended 

Books I've read 

Skill I've gained 

Soft skills...

Hard skills...

Projects I've worked on covered ...

Why am I leaving?

What do I want to do next?

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