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Working in a group of four with SCAD MoA to find solutions that optimize their services, user experiences and finding transitional revenues.

SCAD Gulfstream Building

Working with a partner, we developed a research question and synthesized it by surveying SCAD students: How can we more efficiently and effectively maximize space at SCAD’s Gulfstream building?

Adidas Show Booth

I designed a tradeshow booth for Adidas to spark sales, and business meetings. 

It's two stories high and includes three entrances.

Chair Design

I designed a contemporary chair using the programs Rhino and Keyshot.

Stacky Patty

Using Rhino and state-of-the-art 3D printers, I designed and printed a toy cheeseburger. With interchangeable ingredients that children can dissemble and stack in any order! This was complemented by designing and hand making a skillet-inspired package, which was sealed with a vacuum-formed lid. 

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