Marriott International

CX Innovation Team

The CX Innovation team's goal is to deliver innovations that ensure the enterprise's and brands are differentiated, relevant, and competitive. Over everything, the customer experience discipline focuses on driving customer-centricity throughout Marriott. The diverse team leads by discovering insights, developing prototypes, and delivering concepts and strategies for major initiatives and high profile projects. Always collaborating with internal and external partners and monitoring in-market performance of new initiatives to ensure the successful build and deployment of

breakthrough concepts.


Pocket City Farms

What if a small-town company in Camperdown, Australia had the opportunity for a technology service iteration? Pocket City Farm is currently taking Sydney's neglected spaces in effort to make good of that unused space by growing fresh organic produce for the city’s residents. 



A wearable assistant for the blind a visually impaired. The friendly device describes the world and guides it's user through it, it recognizing faces, objects and obstacles. It's a recording device, camera and storage unit all in one! Paired with the wearable, is an informational and storage computing app. 



Rumpke Waste Management is a family-operated company that is currently running in Ohio. My teammate and I created a new business proposition and creative strategy to develop new products, services and sustainability models. These ideas were taken into account in order to fully develop and implement.


Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

The Mighty Eight Air Force Museum is a non-profit museum focused on preserving the stories displayed by the men and woman of the Eighth Air Force from the second World War. Located on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia, they were having difficulties attracting locals, tourists, and millennials; and through high collaboration with stakeholders, my teammates and I successfully delivered transformative and optimizing concepts.