Clarissa is an alumni of the Savannah College or Art and Design and has begun her career in her hometown, Washington D.C.! She has a passion for bringing technology, spaces, and communities together through collaboration in order to break the boundaries on how people experience not only their surroundings but their everyday lives. She understands the importance of emotional design, the unexpected, the expected and the memorable moments that encourage exploration and engagement.

Unique Skills

  • Create safe and fun spaces for people to feel like they can share and be themselves

  • Simplifying complex strategies to make sure the underlying need is always the consumer’s voice

  • Feeling comfortable with ambiguity

  • Work through the unique stages of strategy and development within different creative mediums and platforms

  • Storytelling as a communication method

  • Being able to empathize whole heartedly to truly understand their wants, needs and passions

Career Turn-Ons

  • Inviting, highly collaborative and learning environment

  • Teammates who are eager to learn and get their hands dirty

  • Space to laugh and have fun…after all, we are at work more than home

  • Leaders who are not only coaches but players and gardeners

  • Stimulating work

Career Turn-Offs

  • Pretensions and egotistic environment

  • Low energies and slow pace work