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Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum


The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, a local museum, asked a team of 15 SCAD students to assist in solving a problem they've been facing. Our deliverables were multiple transformative and optimizing concepts to be implemented in the museum.

The Team

SCAD Class Service Design 321

The Ask

How can we get more Millennials, both local and tourists, to visit and be interested in the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force?

Vision of Success

We aimed to make the museum relevant to Millennials and viable for future generations by capturing their imagination and communicating using the channels they prefer the most

social media.

The Methodology

Value Propositions

Interested Individuals

Providing new methods of communication and new avenues to connect with the military community and their history.

Uninterested Individuals

Providing new narratives that are only tangentially related to war to pique interest in the daily human experience.


Our team created 4 archetypes. We created 2 local ones, a history buff and a curious individual. The other 2 archetypes were tourists; one was a partier and the other one was a history buff.


We studied these archetypes by finding people to interview in Savannah, GA.

We established research questionnaires for both local and tourist millennials.

Our class interviewed 6 tourists and 12 locals. After the interviews, we analyzed the data and came up with valuable insights. 


After the interviews were completed, our team came up with multiple ideas to attract locals, tourists, and both locals and tourists.

Framed Questions

Once insights are found, we came up with framed strategic questions. These are the questions we will ask ourselves and our target groups when coming up with concepts to pitch to our client!

Area of Opportunity

This area of opportunity map shows us where our archetypes would fall into under our 4 categories. Use of technology and lack of technology and educational and recreational. We chose these for extremes because we believe these are the 4 main topics people think about and look for when going to museums or galleries.


The team was divided into groups to create 4 concepts. The concepts selected were: Audio Tour, Peteran's Day, Double Tap (I was part of this team), and Socializing the Eighth.

Audio Tour

Peteran's Day

Peteran's Day is a day where anyone and everyone can bring their dogs to Forsyth Park! This day is to recognize and thank all the veterans and dogs who served for our country. 

Double Tap

Socializing the Eighth

Making it Real

Considerations Based on Best Practices

Engaging with Millennials

- Engaging with Millennials beyond the digital realm

- Millennials are looking for experience amenities

- Representing and connecting to millennials within the museum 

- Providing content that is relevant and relatable 

Speak their Language

- Communicating with millennials using their channels is    


- Going to their environment and inviting them to yours 

- Conveying that you care about what they do 

- Empower them to define what's relevant 

Feedback and Iteration

- Develop a minimum viable product based on the concepts provided 

- Test a pilot version to receive feedback from users 

- Iterate based on feedback 


Service Provider

- Attracts new customers 

- Generates awareness in using appropriate channels of


- Creates new revenue streams 

- Introduces new fundraising opportunities 

- Keeps museum relevant 

- Expands community outreach 

Service User

- Makes World War ll more relatable by providing

         personal anecdotes 

- New ways to interact with the museum and military


- Appeals to all types of interests 

Thank You

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